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Wierd Finance Token is a meme Defi project Created by an anonymous Team, Dedicated to the Anonymity of Satoshi Nakamoto and every other anonymous Crypto Hero Worldwide who have sacrificed anonymously to see the ecosystem evolve. You can stake your wierd tokens to earn satoshis daily. You can also build a large community and generate massive income.

0.5% - Daily for 300 days



Daily for 300 Days

Min stake : $ 100

Max stake : $ 100000

Principal Return

0.5% - Daily for 200 days



Daily for 200 Days

Min stake : $ 100

Max stake : $ 50000

Principal Return

1% - Daily for 60 days



Daily for 60 Days

Min stake : $100

Max stake : $ 20000

Principal Return

Earn Interest

Earn daily interest on your cryptos

Up to 1000% APY

Instant daily payout

$100 million in liquidity

Deposit or withdraw funds at any time

#low fees - No hidden charges, no minimal staking

Earn on Wierd token

Earn other crypto assets.

All earnings are calculated in dollars but will be converted to WRD toekns at the point of withdrawal

Automatic Market Making

Our robot automatically spots profitable pairs on pancake swap and takes profit instantly without human interferrance.

Fully Audited

Our smartcontract have been fully audited and is 100% hack proof.


Our bot self learns through complex algorithms in order to stay updated.

Uniqueness feature

Software developed by our team doesn't have any duplicate anywhere in the world.

Invite Investors and earn even more

We created a Five-level affiliate program in which you can have stable earnings on your referrals’ stakes. You will receive 4% of each deposit from the first-level participants. Moreover, you will get 2%,2% ,1% and 1% of earnings from the other two levels.

  • 4%

    Level -1

  • 2%

    Level -2

  • 2%

    Level -3

  • 1%

    Level -4

  • 1%

    Level -5

Stake Wierd or other coins

Stake your crypto and earn instantly with's crypto stake packages

Interest starting from 100% APY*

$100 million insurance on all custodial assets

A minimum of $100 and a maximum of $200,000

Automatic approval, no KYC checks

#Low Fees - No hidden charges, flexible repayments

Stake Wierd or Other tokens

Stake for maximum benefits

Start innovating with wierd finance today

Let’s celebrate Satoshi for changing the world of finance.

We are WIERD

Our code is #7777777777

You can also invest using:

Anonymous Wierd location

+777 777 777

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